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Workplace Audit

Workplace Safety Audits

If you are unsure what might occur if an MOL inspector visits, the DTI Workplace and Facility Audit can provide you with the information you need to bring your company into compliance. The DTI Workplace and Facility Audit is based on the WSIB WorkWell Audit however, unlike the WorkWell point system DTI generates a comprehensive report.

The DTI Workplace and Facility audit report identifies:

  • Each inspection area
  • The OHSA regulations that apply or the applicable standard
  • The current status of the inspection area as it applies to the OHSA regulation or applicable standard
  • The DTI recommendation for the inspection area

The DTI Workplace and Facility Audit investigates the following inspection areas:

  • Policies and documentation
  • Postings
  • Building facilities
  • Job tasks
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Material handling equipment
  • Emergency Facilities